Jody Steinhauer – CEO The Bargains Group – Toronto Canada

Jody calls herself the CBO (Chief Bargains Officer). She is the founder of a 26 year old award winning discount wholesale and promotional products company. Jody built her company around the philosophy of “giving back makes good business sense”.

Jody’s passion for helping the homeless and her commitment to corporate social responsibility led to the creation of a not-for-profit division within the Bargains Group, where she is able to offer incredible discounts and product donations to not-for-profit agencies working with limited funding.

Her company is always a “first responder” in crises. This June when a devastating fire ripped through the town of Fort McMurray, Alberta, leaving thousands of people homeless, Jody and her employees were loading up tractor trailers to ship essentials out to the fire ravaged city.

In the summer, the Bargains Group has Project Water, to relieve the homeless of the relentless heat by offering summer survival kits. In the winter it is boots and outerwear and blankets for those in need, including the newly arrived Syrian refugees. Jody can call on many corporations, large and small to donate because of her long term commitment to helping those in need. The causes she supports don’t make the headlines like supporting the Olympics, but have more of a social impact to the very vulnerable. The people who get lost in the shuffle.

Jody won the 2016 Provincial Outstanding Community Volunteer Award and is nominated for the 2016 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Award, having won this award once before. She is a tireless speaker to show others how social impact can make a difference in this world.

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